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Premium Illuvium Coaching

No one ever says, “It’s only a game“ when they are winning.

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I'm a veteran of the eSports scene.
First started as a competitor myself, reaching the highest possible level at The Pokémon VGC Worlds Championships.

I then found Teamfight Tactics where I consistently hit Top 500 in EU, and began coaching other Pro-Players!

Beginner or Pro? Join me in a session and let yourself be amazed by where your own potential can take you!

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I'm a former professional TFT player having reached Top 100th player in West Europe. I also won the 2nd Illuvium tournament ever held.

I already help hundreds of TFT players to reach the top 1% of players in the game thanks to my YouTube channel with 20k subscribers.

Lets bring your game to a new level together!
Book a session today 
and I'll see you on the flip side!

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"Thanks for the coaching Frobei, it was quite dense. It's the first time I managed to climb to the leaderboard (top 20 players)."

Sota (@SotaIlluvium / Twitter)

Competitive Chess player

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