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Beginner Lesson (1 hour)

1h Lesson + Pdf document : everything you need to know as a beginner !

  • 1 hour
  • 59.95 US dollars
  • Discord

Service Description

I'd like to be able to say that this is only for complete newcomers, but experience shows that most players do need this course before moving on to an intermediate course! Build yourself the best possible foundation and from there the sky is the limit… or is it? What will happen during this 1 hour Coaching Session: - We are going to cover all the basics of Illuvium: Illuvials 101, Omega Abilities, Primary and Composite Synergies, Positioning, Ranger Weapons, General Tips etc. - No Playing in this one, I take the time to walk you through everything you’ll need to know while answering your questions. - At the end of the session, you will then receive a PDF with everything we covered together so you can use it as a reminder when you play and always have it as a reference point no matter how far you get in your journey. I will engage myself to: - Be courteous and polite to you. - Be on time and to contact you well in advance if I am unable to make it to the session! - Provide a high-quality service. For any questions you can contact me: Terms and conditions: - You can reschedule only one time per single Coaching Session. Rescheduling must be done at least 24h hours prior to the Session via email. - If you reschedule, you can't set a date later than one month following the date of purchase. - We do not offer any refunds unless the cancelation comes from myself. If you purchase a coaching session, you engage to: - Be on time, if you think you will be late then contact me as soon as you can. - Be polite. - Keep the topic around the Illuvium gameplay. Avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion, finance, etc. - Make sure you have access to the Private Beta and a computer that can play and stream at the same time. Failure to follow any of these engagements could lead to a cancelation without any refunds.

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