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Useful Links

Links that we selected for you to have the best possible Adventure within the Illuvium eco-system


Illuvium Official Links

Illuvium Official Website :

Illuvium Official Twitter :

Illuvium Official Discord :


Illuvialmaster is an incredible website with plenty of tools and useful information, whether you're looking for the Affinities Chart or any Illuvial info, they got you covered!

home - Illuvialmaster.png


Infoluvial are probably the most complete team around! Their website is also probably the most resourceful in the entire Illuvium eco-system. Make sure you check it out!

Frobei's Youtube Channel

As you all know, Frobei puts a lot of effort in making the most complex aspects of the game, easy to understand for anyone. If you don't trust me, just check his Beginner's Guide!

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